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Labor Relations

A Guide to Federal Labor Relations Authority Law and Practice
A Guide to FLRA Law and Practice (2017)
By: Broida
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Sku: 17FLRA
Edition: 30th/2017
ISBN: 1-941825-32-X
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Updated annually, the FLRA Guide is a complete research tool on unit determinations, negotiability and the collective bargaining process, unfair labor practices, and arbitration. The Guide includes discussion of cases, laws, and litigation practice before the FLRA and its reviewing courts. Major topics include jurisdiction, unit determinations and elections; labor organizations; procedures and substantive limitations on and specific applications of negotiability determinations; the Federal Service Impasses Panel; ULPs and remedies; review of arbitration awards; and administrative reconsideration and judicial review. This authoritative text is a component of the American Civil Service Law Series. (more details)

Principles of Federal Sector Arbitration Law
Principles of Federal Sector Arbitration Law (2017)
By: Broida
Price: $250.00
Sku: 17POA
Edition: 5th/2017
ISBN: 1-941825-39-7
Availability: IN-STOCK (released 3/9/17)
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This encyclopedic text features summaries of federal sector arbitration awards addressing significant issues and major arbitration principles from 1999 through 2016. Awards are arranged by topic. Principles includes a table cross-referencing arbitrators to the awards they have issued. Major topics include the nature of arbitration, the collective bargaining agreement, arbitrability, grievances, hearings, management rights, contract interpretation, common substantive arbitration topics, settlement, remedies, counsel fee and damages. (more details)

Reduction in Force
A Practical Guide
Reduction in Force (2017)
By: Fowler
Price: $225.00
Sku: 17RIF
Edition: 1st/2017
Availability: Summer 2017
Format: Book (+ optional .pdf eBook on CD)

RIFs will be the new “furloughs.” An understanding of RIFs is necessary to avoid mistakes. Employees, HR officials, agency counsels, and employee representatives will use this easy-to-use, yet comprehensive guide to master the regulations, statutes, and case law. Major topics include competitive levels and competitive areas, retention registers, bump and retreat rights, severance pay and DSRs, veterans preference, and demotion and termination appeals(more details)

Collective Bargaining Law for the Federal Sector
By: Ferris
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Sku: 09CBL
Edition: 1st/2009
ISBN: 1-934651-27-3
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Collective Bargaining allows negotiators and representatives to easily access rules of law and commentary on seminal collective bargaining decisions. Major topics include the change proposal, demand to bargain, obligation to bargain, information to bargain, ground rules, good faith bargaining, negotiability disputes, impasse assistance, finalizing the bargaining agreement, post-agreement obligations and challenges, and remedies. (more details)

Labor Relations for Supervisors and Managers
(2006) Labor Relations for Supervisors and Managers By: Corum
Price: $55.00
Sku: 06LRSM
Edition: 1st/2006
ISBN: 1-932612-72-6
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This guide explains labor relations in the context of the federal government and the unique challenges that face federal managers of unionized workplaces. Major topics include an introduction to federal labor relations, basic principles, creating a union presence, management rights and obligations, employee and union rights and responsibilities, dealing with union officials, change situations, administering the agreement, and representational situations. (more details)

Litigating Federal Sector Employment and Labor Law Disputes
By: Fowler & Kaplan
Price: $55.00
Sku: 02LLLD
Edition: 1st/2002
ISBN: 1-878810-76-6
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A Dewey classic, this comprehensive handbook provides advice and strategies for mastering administrative litigation before the MSPB, EEOC, FLRA, and in arbitration. Major topics include explanation of venues, initial investigation and planning, filing and answering appeals, formal and paper discovery, taking and defending depositions, motion practice, pretrial filings, hearings, closing statements, direct and cross examination, objections and evidentiary matters, writing, remedies, settlement, arbitration, enforcement, and ethical considerations. (more details)

A Guide to Federal Sector Labor Arbitration
(1999) Guide to Federal Sector Labor Arbitration
By: Hadley
Price: $40.00 On Sale! $28.00
Sku: 99FSLA
Edition: 2nd/1999
ISBN: 1-878810-52-9
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With insightful analysis, this practical and comprehensive handbook guides arbitrators and representatives through the arbitration process with an examination of major arbitration cases. If you are an arbitrator, an attorney or agency representative involved in the arbitration process, this book is an essential addition to your reference library. (more details)

ACSLS Reference Materials
By: Dewey
Price: $30.00
Sku: 17RM
Edition: 2017
Availability: In-Stock
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The most frequently used materials from the EEO, FLRA, and MSPB are all in one place. Click here to view the Table of Contents. (more details)

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