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Labor Relations for Supervisors and Managers
By: Corum
Price: $55.00
Edition: 1st/2006
ISBN: 1-932612-72-6
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(2006) Labor Relations for Supervisors and Managers

Written by Michael Corum, an expert on federal personnel management topics, Labor Relations For Supervisors and Managers is written for supervisors who oversee unionized federal employees. It offers advice on understanding legal requirements and examines the practicalities of dealing with employees and representatives of the federal union.

  • An Introduction to Federal Labor Relations
  • Basic Principles—including exclusivity, non-interference, conditions of employment, good faith bargaining, and protected activity and reprisal
  • Creating the Union Presence—including the formation and purpose of federal unions
  • Management Rights and Obligations—including non-negotiable items, the eleven basic management rights and ULPs
  • Employee and Union Rights and Responsibilities
  • Dealing With Union Officials—including the legal status of the union official, official time, dispute resolution, and interference and reprisal
  • Change Situations—including past practice and remedies
  • Administering the Agreement—including content of the agreement and interpreting contract language
  • Representational Situations: Formal Discussions and Investigative Interviews
  • Appendix A—Supervisory Actions and Union Involvement—including labor relations requirement applied to commonly encountered management decisions and the implications of those decisions

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