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Senior Executive Service Legal Guide (.pdf download)
By: Broida & Davis
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Edition: 1st/2009
ISBN: 1-934651-19-2
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(2009) Senior Executive Service Legal Guide

Written by Peter Broida and Natania Davis, Senior Executive Service describes the background, statutory and regulatory structure, and OPM guidance establishing and governing the SES. Also discussed are Board and Federal Circuit cases resolving SES personnel actions. Emphasis is placed upon reassignment authority, performance appraisal, adverse actions, and mandatory fallback or placement rights for members of the SES affected by RIF or adverse performance ratings. Senior Executive Service is relied upon for its analysis and reporting of the statutes, legislative history, and OPM regulations and guidance on:

  • History and Structure of the Senior Executive Service—including covered and excluded agencies
  • Qualifications, Recruitment, Candidate Development, Selection, and Oversight
  • Appointments
  • Compensation
  • Executive Development
  • Reassignments, Details, and Transfers
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Awards
  • Removal of Probationers, Probationary Fallback Rights, Removal of Noncareer Appointees
  • Removal for Unacceptable Performance—including case law
  • Misconduct Actions—including case law
  • Reductions in Force and Furloughs—including RIF case law
  • Moratoriums—including case law
  • Leave Provisions
  • Reinstatement and Fallback Rights

Also includes a detailed table of contents and reference section.

Also available as a .pdf file on a CD-ROM or as an ebook for instant download.

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