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A Federal EEO Counselor's Manual (.pdf download)
By: Corum
Price: $55.00
Edition: 2nd/2012
ISBN: 978-1-934651-63-6
Availability: IN-STOCK (released 7/11/12)
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Written by Michael Corum, a beloved and seasoned Dewey author, this step-by-step book guides counselors through EEO case processing. Federal EEO Counselors’ Manual is a thorough but concise manual that serves as an excellent educational tool for new counselors and a quick read for seasoned veterans with new insights and a helpful refresher course in case procedures. EEO counselors rely on this text for the author’s seasoned advice on:

  • Overview of Equal Employment Opportunity—including governing laws and regulations, and prohibited forms of discrimination
  • Discrimination Complaint Process—including counseling, formal complaints, investigation, final agency decisions, appeals, remedies and complainant rights and responsibilities
  • Initial Interview—including suggestions on how to conduct the interview, specific questions to ask and what not to do
  • Inquiry—including sources of information and checklists of items to cover with merit promotion, disciplinary and disability cases
  • Presentation and Resolution—including settlement terms, language, formats, and strategies with examples of good and bad settlements
  • Report Writing—including the purpose and format of the report
  • Appeals and Grievances—including appeals before the MSPB and FLRA, mixed cases, and negotiated grievance procedures
  • Interviewing Techniques—including planning the opening statement and how to ask questions
  • Sexual Harassment—including what sexual harassment is, the initial interview with the complainant and inquiries with supervisors and witnesses

Also includes a detailed table of contents and an index. 96 pages

Also available as a .pdf file on CD-ROM or as an ebook for instant download.

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