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Carl Bosland

Carl C. Bosland, Esq., is a labor and employment arbitrator, hearing officer, factfinder, and mediator in private practice. A member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, Carl serves on federal, public, and private sector arbitration panels and rosters throughout the United States. He is a frequent speaker on labor arbitration advocacy such as National Academy of Arbitrator conferences. Mr. Bosland is the author of several other books on federal sector employment law, including A Federal Sector Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act & Related Litigation, Fourth Edition, FMLA Basics: A Federal Supervisor’s Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act, Second Edition, and Labor Arbitration Practice for the Federal Sector, all by Dewey Publications. Retired from the United States Postal Service, Carl served in various positions, including Chief Counsel, Labor Relations, Chief Counsel, Employment Law, Chief Counsel, Safety, Chief Counsel, National Employment Litigation Unit, and Managing Counsel of the Capital Metro Area Law Office. Mr. Bosland is the former DC Chapter President of the Society of Federal Labor & Employee Relations. He has a B.A. from Hobart College, a J.D. from Fordham University, and an LL.M. in Labor Law from New York University, where he was the recipient of the Seymour Goldstein Memorial Prize for Academic Excellence in Labor Relations.

Labor Arbitration Practice for the Federal Sector
Labor Arbitration Practice for the Federal Sector
New Release
By: Bosland
Price: $250.00
Sku: 21LAP
Edition: 3rd/2021
ISBN: 978-1-941825-99-0; 1-941825-99-0
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Labor Arbitration Practice for the Federal Sector is a comprehensive examination of the arbitration process and advocacy. With discussion of strategies and practice tips, this how-to guide assists union and management advocates. Major topics include advocate selection, case investigation and evaluation, arbitrator selection, case preparation, prehearing practice, witness selection and preparation, hearing specifics: opening statements, creating a record, witness testimony, direction examination, cross-examination, exhibits, and closing arguments, and post-award practice. (more details)

A Federal Sector Guide to the FMLA & Related Litigation
New Release
By: Bosland
Price: $275.00
Sku: 20FMLA
Edition: 4th/2020
ISBN: 978-1-941825-81-5
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An authoritative examination of the FMLA, this book includes citations and analysis of governing statutes, regulations and case law. Major topics include a review of FMLA legislation, applicability of the FMLA in the federal government, coverage of employees and family members, eligibility, covered conditions, notice requirements, documentation, leave amount and scheduling, paid leave, maintenance of benefits, return to work, record-keeping, prohibited acts, enforcement and remedies, COVID-19, Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, and the interaction of FMLA with other laws. (more details)

FMLA Basics
FMLA Basics (2017) By: Bosland
Price: $75.00
Sku: 17FMBA
Edition: 2nd/2017
ISBN: 978-1-941825-41-9; 1-941825-41-9
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Introductory, yet comprehensive, FMLA Basics guides federal supervisors and managers through the FMLA process and law with tips, resources, and guidance for compliance. Major topics include an overview of federal sector FMLA, employee leave requests, timeliness and adequacy of leave requests, employee eligibility requirements, coverage issues, management responsibilities, requests for supporting documentation, amount of leave entitlement, how leave may be scheduled, paid leave, dealing with other employment benefits, record keeping, agency leave policies, and enforcement. (more details)

Covid-19 and Federal Sector Labor and Employment Law
Covid-19 and Federal Sector Labor and Employment Law, 2022
Coming Soon
By: Bosland
Price: $225.00
Sku: 22CLEL
Edition: 1st/2022
Availability: COMING SOON (Summer 2022)
Format: Softcover book and/or PDF eBook sent on CD or USB stick

This handbook provides detailed, up-to-date information on the federal government’s legal response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it relates to the federal workforce. Major topics include Executive Order, guidance, regulations, and statues; remote work; leave; vaccinations and testing requirements and exceptions; reopening and return to work; workplace safety requirements; labor relations; COVID-19’s relationship to other laws; and caselaw developments. (more details)

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