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Federal Employment Litigation Field Book
Federal Employment Litigation Field Book, 2023
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By: Renn C. Fowler and Kevin L. Owen
Price: $225.00
Sku: 23FLFB
Edition: 1st/2023
ISBN: 978-1-956013-11-5
Availability: COMING SOON

Designed for all who work on conduct and performance issues and those who litigate cases, this book serves as a quick reference to federal employment litigation questions. Answers are provided in an easy to read and thorough manner. Major topics include building the case, the hearing, and EEOC and MSPB litigation. (more details)

Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law Deskbook
Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law Deskbook, 2023
Coming Soon
By: Gilbert & Sumner
Price: $250.00
Sku: 23DDLD
Edition: 9th/2023
ISBN: 978-1-956013-21-4
Availability: COMING SOON
Samples: Table of Contents (from 2021) ------- Text Sample (from 2021 edition)

Updated with cases through mid-2023, the Disability Deskbook is an extensive compilation of decisions interpreting the Rehabilitation Act, ADA, ADAAA, and other statutes and implementing regulations, and covers all disability related topics. Major topics include who is covered under the ADA, specific impairments, major life activities, "regarded as having a disability," "qualified individual with a disability," reasonable accommodation, undue hardship, direct threat defense, and disability related inquiries. (more details)

EEO Counselors' and Investigators' Manual
EEO Counselors' and Investigators' Manual, 2023 By: Hadley & Sumner
Price: $200.00
Sku: 23ECIM
Edition: 3rd/2023
Availability: COMING SOON
Samples: Table of Contents (from 2012 edition) ------- Text Sample (from 2012 edition)

A comprehensive, easy to follow, and insightful guide to counseling and investigating EEO complaints, this manual explores the essentials of the EEO complaint process. Major topics include the EEO statutes and process, theories of discrimination, remedies, EEO Counselor’s role, initial interview, identifying, defining the claims, factfinding during counseling, resolution of complaints, MSPB appeals and grievances, EEO Counselor’s report, EEO Investigator’s role, investigative principles, evidentiary issues, scope of investigation, collecting evidence, investigative techniques, and report of investigation. (more details)

A Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice
A Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice, 2023 By: Natania Davis and Founding Author Ernest C. Hadley
Price: $250.00
Sku: 23FSDD
Edition: 4th/2023
ISBN: 1-934651-55-1
Availability: COMING SOON
Samples: Table of Contents (from 2011) ------- Text Sample (from 2011)

Written by the late Ernie Hadley and updated by Natania Davis, author of A Guide to Federal Sector Equal Employment Law and Practice, the Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice is a seminal text on disability discrimination case law, statutes, and regulations interpreting and implementing the ADA, ADAAA, Rehabilitation Act, GINA, and Drug Abuse Act. (more details)

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