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Frank Ferris

Frank Ferris has been a labor relations practitioner since 1971, working with the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) since 1976 as the Director of Training, the Director of Negotiations, and now as the National Executive Vice President, one of two nationally elected positions in the union. His work as the union’s chief spokesperson at the bargaining table has involved him with dozens of federal agencies that employ the members of the NTEU and nearly 100 hearings before the FLRA and arbitrators litigating alleged collective bargaining statutory violations.

Along with his union work, he has been an adjunct faculty member of several universities, most recently with Johns Hopkins University where he taught courses in Human Resources, Employment Law, and Conflict Management-Mediation-Arbitration to MBA students. He also has published more than 30 articles on labor relations.

He graduated from Siena College of Loudonville, NY with a degree in Sociology, from the University of Massachusetts Labor Relations and Research Center with a Masters of Science in Labor Studies, and from the University of Southern California with a Doctorate in Public Administration.

Collective Bargaining Law for the Federal Sector
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By: Ferris
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Collective Bargaining allows negotiators and representatives to easily access rules of law and commentary on seminal collective bargaining decisions. Major topics include the change proposal, demand to bargain, obligation to bargain, information to bargain, ground rules, good faith bargaining, negotiability disputes, impasse assistance, finalizing the bargaining agreement, post-agreement obligations and challenges, and remedies. (more details)