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Jeffrey Goodfriend

Jeffrey J. Goodfriend is an attorney specializing in federal employment law. He is a frequent speaker on various employment matters and serves as an arbitrator, fact-finder and mediator for federal sector employment disputes. He previously was an administrative judge for both the EEOC and MSPB. He is a graduate of the University of Santa Clara School of Law and is a member of the Bar of the State of California since 1977. The many employment law seminars he provides include: The Role of Supervisors and Managers in EEO; Latest Developments in EEO Law and Procedure; Fact‑Finding; Mediator Training; Basic and Advanced EEO Counseling; Effective Advocacy at EEOC Administrative Hearings; Prevention of Sexual Harassment; Alternative Dispute Resolution; and EEO for Employees. He lives in Lafayette, California with his wife Tyna and three children, Arielle, Jordan, and Sierra. He is an avid hiker, runner, sea kayaker, and mountain biker.

Conducting Misconduct Inquiries
18CMI By: Vitaro, Goodfriend & Gilbert
Price: $135.00
Sku: 18CMI
Edition: 2nd/2018
ISBN: 978-1-941825-53-2; 1-941825-53-2
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Learn how to effectively and efficiently investigate allegations of employee misconduct with examples, sample forms, and case law discussion. Major topics include what a management inquiry is and how one differs from an administrative investigation, the advantages of an inquiry, how to select a good inquirer, discussion of rights and responsibilities of the inquirer and inquiree, limitations on the inquirer’s authority, interim action, typical charges and penalties, inquiry basics, beginning the inquiry, defining the issues, identifying witnesses, preparing for the inquiry, document gathering, the interview and other ways to collect information, witness preparation, post report activity, and how the report will be used. (more details)