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Settlement Forms
for MSPB and EEOC Federal Personnel Litigation
Settlement Forms for MSPB and EEOC By: Broida
Price: $160.00
Sku: 21SFME
Edition: 2nd/2014
ISBN: 978-1-956013-00-9
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

Newly updated, this guide provides practice notes and examples of provisions that are grouped by settlement topics. Major settlement provision topics include access to and return of agency property and access to facilities, actions upon and consequences of breach, cancellation or rescission of action, conditions of ongoing employment, construction of agreement, disclosure and maintenance of information, enforcement, financial considerations for the appellant, future employment, introductory clauses, leave status, performance, promotion, substituted employment actions, termination of appeal, waiver of rights, and miscellaneous settlement terms. (more details)

Crafting Durable Settlement Agreements
12CDSA.png By: Tuck
Price: $160.00
Sku: 12CDSA
Edition: 2nd/2012
ISBN: 978-1-934651-67-4; 1-934651-67-2
Samples: Table of Contents ------- Text Sample

Crafting Durable Settlement Agreements is a complete research tool for negotiating, drafting and enforcing settlement agreements, with expert commentary and sample agreement provisions and terms. Analysis of relevant MSPB and EEO case law, regulations, OPM guidance, and MD-110, and Federal Rules of Evidence is included. Major topics include settlement principles and advice, guidelines for settlement, settlement authority, collateral use of and challenges to agreements and offers, preparation for settlement, alternative discipline agreements, last chance agreements, pre-appeal agreements, common settlement terms, enforcement, and rescission. (more details)

Broida on Federal Sector Settlement
Civil Service Advocacy Series
14BOS.jpg By: Broida
Price: $125.00
Sku: 14BOS
Edition: 1st
Samples: Workbook Table of Contents
Format: 1hr 14min .mp4 video on CD-ROM; workbook; + optional 25% off Settlement Forms book

*optional 25% off Settlement Forms for MSPB and EEOC (+$125)

Peter Broida presents this video training course on settlement of federal sector personnel cases. Each purchase includes Mr. Broida’s lecture (.mp4 video file sent on a CD-ROM); workbook with reference materials and course notes–outline; and a bibliography. Major settlement topics include the basic components of an agreement; settlement notebook; checklist for a typical settlement of an adverse or performance based action; and settlement formalities. (more details)